Windsurf and Surf


Sardinia is considered the windy land. In fact there is no better place in Italy to practise these sports. The northern part of the island offers many different places suitable for beginners or experts. You can find windy weather condition with flat sea in Asinara gulf, between Piana island and the famous Pelosa beach and for the skilled ones, high surf spots where perfecting the tecnique with our trainers help.

Lessons usually start at 2.00 pm. They are kept in small groups (3 people) In this way if you want you can also follow horse riding lessons in the morning.

The equipment we put at the beginners disposal is the last generation one. In fact through the use of the JP AllRound boards, it’s much easier to learn and keep your balance compared to normal surfboards used in most windsurf schools. They are light and soft boards, so you don’t get hurt if you fall over and they have a very good floatability while guaranteeing glide at the same time. With these models learnig windsurf is much easier and quicker and learnig times are more then halved. The course immediately includes lessons in the water to get to the jibe so that the beginner is able to surf alone in safety. All this after a brief introduction on how reading winds and how they have to be taken in order to navigate.

Who has more experience instead will use the professional boards from the beginning and will improve the tecnique until the most difficult figures are learnt.To do so we shall move to Alghero or Platamona beaches, depending on the wind.


In Sardinia you can find surfable wawes on about 220 days per year.

This explains why the surfists comunity has become one of the most important in Italy.

There are several spots on the island suitable for all levels. You can find beaches with wawes 0,5 – 1 mt high ideal for beginners, until you get wawes 3 – 4 mt in particular conditions, which can be surfed only by more expert professionals.

The beaches where lessons will take place are Ezzi Mannu with Greak wind, La Pelosa with Eastern wind and the wild Porto Ferro if Mistral or Western winds are blowing. Without forgetting the beatiful beaches in Alghero.

Freedom, respect for nature and for local people are the main surf inspirators. You will learn surfing in really unique spots, with sandy seabeds and cristal water,which are at the same level of the most famous international spots for their quality and beauty.

After a brief introduction lesson you will start surfing. For those who can already surf and want to improve the tecnique, pro-boards  are avaiable.

Usually lessons take place in the early afternoon, around 2.00 pm. Anyway it could happen that the instructor may change the timetable considering the wind conditions and the attendants level. When winds are strong and waves are very tall, lessons will be kept in the morning, in order to find lower wawes and carry this sport on in absolute safety. At the end of the course you will be able to surf over average wawes,  choose the right board according to the sea conditions and  fulfill the fondamental surf maneuvers: take off,botton turn, cut back and floater.

During your stay you might decide to carry this activity on with our other proposals for an holiday under the sign of sport, nature and wellness.