Where: in the North-Western area of ​​Sardinia, based in Alghero, a few kilometers from the international airport, or in Stintino.


Once you have discovered this part of Sardinia, you’ll need to come back here regurarly to feel the deep sense of nature, of history and culture which is unique here.

If you are looking for authenticity, far from the fake glamour of other parts of Sardinia, you’re in the right place.

With the warmth of its people, its strong food and wine heritage, its astonishing beaches and the year-round mild climate.

Alghero is a charming old Catalan town full of bars, shops, restaurants with a lively atmosphere.

It was settled many centuries BC –  trace of pre-historical civilization can be visitited easily – but it became a fortified port town with the noble Doria family in 1102.

This family ruled Alghero for many centuries till it was conquered by the Crown of Aragon.

The conquerors brought their language (Catalan) a variant of which it’s still spoken and understood in the city.

A beautiful 5 km sandy beach stretches from the port and marina of Alghero to Fertilia.

While Stintino, situated at the tip of the north west coastline has one of the most beautiful beach of Mediterranean Sea.

It’s la Pelosa, with its turquoise water extending to the Isola Piana and the Asinara, a marine natural reserve.

Below a picture of la Pelosa.


On the North of Alghero there is also the only natural lake of Sardinia, the Barratz Lake.

Here, the environment surrounding the lake slopes into reddish-yellow sandy dunes towards Porto Ferro Bay.

Sand brought by the mistral that can blow so impressivly in this area. The sea bottoms consist of rocks and large sandy stretches.


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