Sardinia, Alghero and When: from the end of March to October.

Tourist season in Sardinia begins in March and ends in October.

The Island in spring is at its maximum splendor, full of life and colors.

In this period you can discover a new and beautiful Sardinia.

You can have breakfast on the empty beaches of Alghero and admire them in all their beauty.

While the surrounding countryside is coloured with an intense green vegetation and the days are getting longer, temperatures usually become very pleasant from the end of March and some braves begin to take the first baths.

This is the period to experience a wild Sardinia.

The ideal for a relaxing and quiet holiday in close contact with the still unspoilt nature in the plain of Alghero, to break out of your daily routine and to live an intense experience that will release you from the beginning.

Summer in Sardinia is famous all over the world.


The warm and  often windy climate makes your holiday stay very pleasant.

You’ll not suffer muggy weather or heat. The intense light and the limpidity of the sea will make your experience unique.

Sports are guaranteed as weel as entertainments in the many trendy and glamourous clubs of Alghero with aperitifs and parties on the beach where you can make new friends – actually, summer in Sardinia is synonymous with fun, it’s the same as amusement.

There are many ideas and activities that can stimulate and challange you.

In this period the tourist excursions in the National Park of Asinara are particularly indicated.

September – October: these months deserve a special mention. For many, this is the best time!

The sea water reaches its highest temperature and making long – lasting baths is particularly beautiful and relaxing.

The beaches are no longer crowded and the temperature is normally 30 degrees, all the bars, clubs, restaurants are still open and the days are still long lasting.

In these months foreigners are the masters. You can have the chance to watch the great swells where windsurfers and surf professionals will show you the beauty and the spectacular nature of these sports. 

When everyone is resuming work, your vacation begins!