Into the wild Sardinia… here you will find the trekking essence. Finding out the deepest nature meaning walking for hours hearing its silence, listening only to your steps and breath noise. You will discover the art of walking in the middle of pristine nature. Stepping away from traffic, cement and stress even only for a few days, will make you feel a great deal better. The result would be of relaxation, peace and balance. This is the spirit of trekking. Chatting with your travel companions and enjoy this experience in enchanted places.

This sport will allow you to overtake physical and mental barriers that are conditioning our lives. Through walking, which is the oldest mankind gesture, you will discover the need of exploring, of knowing and understanding the real journey essence that we have forgotten nowadays. As a matter of fact our lives are scanned by time. Today we worry too much about reaching a destination on time, timing our shifts. Trekking has nothing to do with all this. It is finding out the path beauty and spirit again. It means thinking over and admiring. The goal must be difficult to reach, as only in this way can be defined as such.

Groups will be at least of six people. They will be led by an expert guide. Paths will be chosen on the base of the group’s training.

Some sites to visit

Barats Lake

Not far from Porto Ferro. It’s the only one in Sardinia that lies along the sea shore. It is a natural origin lake, where the open sea meets sandy beaches with dunes and the lake itself. You will find yourself in a beautiful ecosystem to admire. Southern paths widen from Torre Bantine Sale until the Prigionette area reaching the northern border of Porto Conte regional natural park .

La scala del capriolo

The roe stairs allows to reach the Neptun Cave from Capo Caccia (in the Alghero area).This is possible due to an existing row of 656 steps, which wind with their ramps along rocky walls, diving in the blue open sea. This cannot be considered a real path, but this walk will be remembered as one of the most existing experience of the all journey in Sardinia.

Capo Caccia - Torre della Pegna

This walk only lasts three hours on way return, and it might be considered short and easier compared to other treks. Actually it is quite difficult as there is almost no path to walk along. From where it starts, a promontory overlooking the sea called Monte Pegna, there is a breathtaking view. You will be looking at Capo Caccia, in the Porto Conte bay, and the Prigionette Forest along with Mount Timidone and Punta Cristallo. You might even meet some fallow deers or see some griffin vultures, thanks to the nearness of a nature reserve.

Monte Deglia and the second world war ruins

Monte Deglia is the highest top in the Porto Conte area. Along this path some second world war testimonials can be found; bunkers and ammunition earhouses. The paths to walk along this area are gorgeous. You can have a complete view over the valley and the park area. From the Porto Ferro Northern coast till Alghero, including even Sella & Mosca vineyards and Sassari. Many pictures have been taken here to illustrate tourism magazines, guide brochures, postcards and travel books. You can have a view over the Nuraghi complex from the Palmavera mountain.

Punta Giglio excursions

Always in the Porto Conte area, you can find this pristine spot, inside the forest, where many mediterranean trees can be found, together with natural caves and crystal blu bays. Here you can also find one of the largest second world war military settlements of the area . Here were kept weapons and armaments, and you can also find bunkers and military barracks. From here you can admire Porto Conte bay and Capo Caccia promontory. It is from an unusual position. It would also be possible to swim and practise some snorkeling.

Monte Timidone

It is inside  the forest of the Prigionette area, so called also as ” Noah’s Ark”. This is due to the presence of several animals which were introduced here some years ago. This is one of the most interesting park’s area. Climbing up the mountain is tiresome, but the panorama you see from the top is worth the effort. From there you can admire all Porto Conte bay, the Capo Caccia-Isola Piana protected sea area, the north western coast and Porticciolo with Porto Ferro. Along the path it is possible to meet some white donkeys, horses, fallow deers, tortoises and even some vulture griffins. You should not miss the very interesting Cala della Barca, a beautiful bay between Monte Pegna and Punta Cristallo. Here some  couples of griffins come to  nest.