surf board

Boards for Newbie

Just like you never forget your first kiss, surfers never forget their first board.

But, before choosing, remember that your first board should fulfill these features: be used and be big.

That’s because you are going to abuse it. So buy what is already scratched and dinged up. And look for 9′ boards. It will be easier for you to drop in and paddle.

But if you want to buy a new one, just read below our top 4 entry level selection.

The Wavestorm line:

surfboard wavestorm

you can get a new one from 180$. Just remember to choose the 8′ size. Ready to deal with user up to 195 lbs. Are you worry about the low cost? …Forget it! The board’s got a EPS core and an HDPE bottom skin that flies through the waves.

Boardworks Nurf:

Boardworks Nurf surfboard

as the Wavestorms, grab the 8′ model. They cost, for a new one, a little more, starting from 280$. But it’s common opinion you’ll experience a little more true surfing. When you begin it’s very easy to hit your bottom and your kness. This can be very demotivating. So, what about a soft foam top to start with? Ok, they are not the most amazing boards of the beach…

Bicsport Dura-Tec Wahine:


with a price starting from 350$ you can get a great board. Just remember these are not soft board. If you hit it you’ll feel it. What’s inside? A polyethylene shell that you’ll forget to repair. Ready for a great wipeout?

Modern Blackfish:


yes, with a price starting from 475$ it’s expensive for an entry level. But keep in mind they are built for speed. And for control. It requires more practice than the previous ones to get the best from this board but it worth it. Easy padding and a lot of stability even on bigger waves. Size from 6′ to 7’4″.

Martino and the turtle

It’s a day at the end of August, I get up very early as I agreed the day before with my friends to go and do a bit of sup in Platamona.

We made this choice to avoid crowded beaches and to enjoy nature and its sounds even in this period.

Platamona is a long and beautiful beach located within the Gulf of Asinara in the north of Sardinia. Actually, in these days Mistral isn’t too strong. This beach is the best spot for us, since we are surfers. Not beginners but not even super skilled expert surfers. The position of this beach, in the “inland sea” allows us to do sup with a quite calm sea and with wind that brings us to the shore.

Fortunately, the water is particularly lukewarm even in the morning, the strong and vivid colors are an invitation to enter quickly,  so we arm our inflatable boards and throw ourselves into the water.

We chose these boards because they are not bulky, we do have also surfboards in our car to be used in the afternoon if  Mistral reinforced.

The sea is still calm but it will certainly rise after midday because a sustained breeze is already blowing, Andrea, Davide and I decide to get away from the shore. The boards move silently on the water, and we are confident that we will find even more favorable conditions on the open sea. We’re enjoying exactly what we were looking for: make good sup  to live this beautiful landscape and the last days of vacation.

It is right now, while we are all close to decide the route to follow,  that it passes under me, slow and undisturbed: a turtle. It’s the first time I see a turtle in Platamona. Andrea and Davide see her, but thanks to the reduced distance and the incredible transparency of the water I can even see its face perfectly. It is swimming under my table. I remain still. It will be the excitement of the moment, it will be the awe of such beauty that I think I see a nice smile on its face.

It moves like a fish but is much more elegant, seems to be looking for something with its eyes.

I do not understand what, the turtle is careful but does not pay attention to us, it comes from far away and nobody knows where it will go; what a magnificent animal.

It may be that it lays his eggs right on the beach of Platamona as happened a few years ago. This is what I think in the short  moments during which it remains visible. We do not try to follow it, we do not want to disturb the turtle, a rare animal that is still living free here, in Sardinia.These are the moments that make this vacation unique.Stimulated by this propitiatory guidance we begin to paddle, knowing we have seen something very special that will last  of this holiday in Sardinia. The only regret is not having a camera or a smartphone to bring home its smile.