porto ferro

porto ferro

Libeccio Wind at Porto Ferro

We have been to Porto Ferro, a quite dark sandy beach leaning over the open sea, at a few kilometers from Alghero. These western Sardinia coast beaches are ideal for those looking for waves when Mistral, Ponente and Libeccio winds are blowing.

Today Libeccio blows, a dump wind coming from South-West and it isn’t too strong fortunately.

It is almost forbidden to go out at sea when Libeccio blows.

It’s been  blowing  almost for a day and it’s in mast phase which means that the wind is going to grow as the storm does. Anyway today we can still test our equipement.

We are with Andrea Mariotti, maybe one of the most famous local all over Sardinia, well known professionst. He won many competitions and as he’s very passionate.

So he cannot renounce windsurfing and surfing in South Africa every year, often in Winter time.

He is also one of our best instructors and he makes sure that SportSardinia members learn this sport quickly.

Andrea chose a less then 100 lt wave board with a 4.7 sail. This choice has been the right one as he amazed us with his surfing qualities and for his evolutions incredible height, as you can see by the underneath video.

“It is not rare to find these wind conditions here in Sardinia, especially in the northern area of the island” says Andea after having been the all morning out on the water.

Now he has to get dressed again and join Ezzimannu beaches to teach some lessons. Inside the Asinara gulf the sea is calm and protected so as beginners can get in the water too. This is the real advantage of Sardinia north-western side. With the same wind you can find different spots suitable to professionists only, and a few kilometers away there are other repaired spots for beginners.

Andrea says goodbye to us, joking about tomorrow, when his pupils are ready and the Libeccio blows even stronger, he will take them here in Porto Ferro “to teach them the real windsurf”.