Horseback riding

After a plentiful morning breakfast, we shall lead you to some of the best Sardinia riding schools.

There you’ll be able to follow riding lessons or to go out for a ride on unique paths.

From white and deserted  beaches to the wild and unspoilt outback. If you have never been horseriding or if you never rode on the sea shore, do not miss this opportunity. This is the best way to begin with  this sport. The most experts will be able to improve their tecnique with expert Fise guides help and to face up to more challenging routes.

Horse riding as a school of life.

For children and teenagers learning to ride represents a very good occasion to improve concentration and attention, to stimulate empathy and sensitivity. Horse is  the mirror of our emotions. As a matter of fact this animal is able to feel the mood of the person who is front of him. To interact with the horse in the rigth way means to understand his moods, and this can only happen throughout a learning process about our emotions and about the way we interpret our personal relationships.

For these reasons and for the phisical activity carried on open air , which involves back and legs, horse riding is particulary indicated also for children and teenagers who will have their first experiences with particulary loving ponies.

At the end of the course you will be able to ride your horse at the three gaits: step, trot,  gallop,if you have started the week as a beginner. If you are already expert, you will be able to choose if deepening the jump approach tecnique or the dressage one.