Rules about Windsurf

For all sports but expecially for the extreme ones, you often read statements as: “that’s fantastic, I’d love to do it” or “that’s great, but far too difficult for me” and so on. This is particulary true for windsurf as it’s a nice, exiting and very satisfying sport.

Below 10 rules to consider about windsurf: take a look.

Windsurf is difficult to learn: 

  • this is probably the most difficult step to overcome and it prevents you from learning this sport. Until the years 80/90 windsurf was actually hard to learn, but now  new and more pratcticle windsurfing kit have been realized, making this sport much easier to approach and learn. Boards are more stable, their shape has been improved and it’s easier to control balance over them. Sail, mast and booms are much lighter now and beginners find it a lot of easier to try and learn.

There is no need to take any lessons, just learn from a friend:

  • There is notihing more wrong. Just giveing it a “try” is wrong and will not give a right idea if what this sport is really about. I’s just tcnique you have to learn. It is not a matter of difficulties, but you need to be aware of some basic notions before you head out on the water. Taking lessons in a winsurf school would really make the difference. You would get more confident, more secure and you would enjoy windsurfing in a complete way since the fist approach.

Windsurfing is very expensive:

  • This is not completely true, Today is possible to hire beginners equipement, so as not to have to sell it in a few months. The main thing is that when you reach a good level, your equipement would be enough. With new boards and new sails your improvements would be much quicker. All what you would need is some wind. nothing more.No need to by any new equipement.No need to pay to get in a field, no need to pay for a skipass or anything else.

Windsurfing is not cool:

  • Using new boards and sails generation, exiting turns and swits are much easier to do, in a way that before you could not even imagine. Approaching the windsurf world, would get you in a new great community where is very easy to make new friends.

Windsurfing is just for the fit & young:

  • This might happen as we always see on youtube fantastic videos showing windsurfers riding huge waves and jumping high.Windsurf is not black or white and this is the good thing about it. You are the one who can decide which level you want to reach.You can decide to surf fast over a flat sea and feel satisfied with the freedom feeling you get. Or you can choose to ride over high waves.

You need to learn with a friend:

  • Learning some new sport with your family or friends is always very nice, but often this is not possible as they don’t feel like doing it.Anyway you have to know that when you start taking your first windsurf lessons you will find yourself in a group of your same level.
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